Wool Filled 2 in 1 Blanket Pillow

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The Sleepworks 2-in-1 Wool Filled Blanket Pillow by Natura is a health and comfort stow-away you’ll invite back again and again. The plush, Natura Wool™ lining offers plump, healthful comfort as a pillow, while it wicks away moisture for natural temperature control as a cozy blanket.. A silky, unbleached 100% cotton cover is soothing against skin. Perfect for the cottage, the car or your favourite chair, this travel blanket pillow combo folds easily and neatly into a tidy pillow, eliminating the look of messy throws and blanket. Whether napping or curling up or sleep on the road, this cozy bedding brings great sleep along with it.

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Transport yourself to better health and vitality with the portable 2-in-1 Blanket Pillow. This versatile luxury transforms from a luscious wool-lined blanket to a supportive, silky pillow, to easily shelter and support your need for nourishing rest – wherever you happen to be. Wool Filled Blanket Pillow and comforter in one Unbleached, 100% cotton percale cover Available Sizes: One size Care: Wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low heat.

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