For years, ComforPedic® from Beautyrest® has been a leader in improving memory foam technology. Unlike some memory foams that are known for a sinking hard-to-move sensation and heat buildup, our proprietary formulation not only responds quickly to your movements, but also dissipates heat to help keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature.

Our expertise has enabled us to make a memory foam mattress with exceptional performance that helps promote cool, comfortable, recharging sleep.

Our AirCool® Design consists of components that work together, allowing the bed to breathe and help keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature.

In addition to the AirCool® Memory Foam, this design includes an AirCool® Edge. Its ventilated design enhances airflow through the mattress as you sleep while also providing comfort all the way to the edge. A high-tech AirCool® Mesh Border Fabric allows the mattress to breathe so you can sleep more comfortably.


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