Posh+Lavish Latex Mattresses

is one of life’s genuine pleasures. Our mattress is the ultimate expression of caring for both our bodies and minds while we sleep. Sleep should be effortless and the ultimate luxury. We believe the purest and simplest form of sleep is defined by allowing our body to enter a state of calm followed by our mind discovering a peace that cocoons us from our daily life and finds the tranquility of a world standing still. True serenity.

oeko tex 100 certification
OEKO-Tex100 Certification

Posh and Lavish Design

“Our design is always really very simple. We build mattresses with the finest materials we can find. “We are always looking for only two things: how long lasting will this component make our mattress and how luxurious will this make our mattress feel. Then we do nothing that gets in the way of that durability and feel.

Today, Posh & Lavish offers distinct mattress collections—the All-Latex, the Pocket Spring Latex Hybrid, the Latex + Memory Foam, the AuNaturale and the CustomSides— all of which are built by hand in California. Across its entire portfolio, each mattress is available in a wide range of comfort levels and made with Oeko-Tex certified components. This design creates a buoyant yet bounce-free feel that supports the spine and relaxes the muscles. Each mattress also features an unparalleled high gram weight Tencel-faced fabric cover that delivers added comfort by helping to regulate temperature and absorb moisture.Posh and lavish split head king mattress

Posh + Lavish developed an FR layer made from 100% long-fiber wool and 100% all-natural cotton—and nothing else. This fulfills all of the necessary flame retardant requirements without the addition of chemicals or synthetic materials. Taking this a step further, the mattresses are all assembled with certified non-toxic, water-based glue and, on a more personal hygiene level, finished with a zippered cover that consumers can remove and wash at home.

OEKO-TEX-100 Certified, Boric Acid, Polyurethane, and Antimony Free.

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