Velika Hand-Tufted Mattresses

Hand Tufting is a traditional way of manufacturing mattresses, where tufts are driven through the mattress at regular intervals and secured at each end. Hand-tufting results in a relaxed sleeping surface where the mattress conforms to your body.

Velika Duvet
On top of your Velika mattress, we use a Duvet cover with two comfort choices ranging from ultra-plush to medium firm. The Duvet cover is a combination of New Zealand wool, cotton, and Talalay latex wrapped in a cover of imported wool and rayon making it 100% sustainable.

The Velika Bed is Different
Velika contains only environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials like latex, wool, and cotton. Now you’re an eco-friendly consumer while getting the best sleep of your life on Velika mattresses.

Comfort and Support. Our mattress is the perfect balance between comfort and support resulting in the best quality sleep you’ll ever experience. Our Two-Sided Hand Tufted mattress is the gold standard in craftsmanship, while our Duvet comfort top provides a changeable sleeping surface.

The LifeEdge™ coil unit features side rails made up of our narrow-diameter Quantum coils with steel coils at the head and foot.

Why is side sleeping the best position? It’s the only position that allows the spine to straighten out. There’s also very little pressure on the spine when you lay on your side. If you sleep in the fetal position it takes even more pressure off your lower back.

Environmentally Conscious

We use environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable materials of the highest quality in the Velika mattress and duvet.

Natural Talalay Latex
Natural Cotton
Natural New Zealand Wool
Natural Rayon Plant Fibers

These products will leave no carbon footprint on the planet Earth.

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