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Chittenden & Eastman Hand Crafted Mattresses

Chittenden & Eastman began in Burlington, Iowa along the banks of the Great Mississippi River where American workers built our railroads and harvested fields of corn and grain. As a leading U.S. mattress manufacturer of quality sleep, we take pride in producing every Chittenden & Eastman mattress. We are committed to excellence.

Inside every Chittenden & Eastman House Mattress, you’ll discover multi-tiered coil technology, handcrafted tufting, natural wool for luxurious comfort, natural latex for comfortable longevity, and natural fibers for temperature control.

Hand Tufting
Mattress tufting is a traditional method of ensuring that the upholstery within a mattress remains in place thereby giving the mattress surface a uniform feel.

Attention to Detail
Our artisans employ time-tested methods in the art of mattress making.

Luxurious Design
Our mattresses are designed to express luxurious comfort at an affordable price.

Eastman House represents over 150 years of mattress making tradition.

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