Only Therapedic® features HourGlass Back Support® technology.

Our exclusive HourGlass Back Support® increases support firmness by 18% at the shoulders and hips and 13% at the lumbar area. This flexible technology can be found in a variety of our mattresses to offer improved performance and added support in key areas of the body.


Quality Materials, Innovative Design, and Exceptional Value

Therapedic mattresses feature advanced technologies that offer exceptional support, comfort, and durability. This focus on innovation has not gone unnoticed;

 Therapedic has been awarded numerous patents, both here and abroad, for the leading-edge mattress components, we’ve developed over the last fifty years.

 We invite you to compare the features and benefits of our mattresses with those of any leading brand. We’re certain that you’ll see what our customers have known for a long time, that a Therapedic Mattress offers a superior night’s sleep and a better value.

A Quality Mattress is an Investment

in your health to say that your quality of life depends on how well you sleep may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s the truth. Physiologic studies suggest that sleep deprivation may put the body into a state of high alert, increasing the production of stress hormones and driving up blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.

 Is a good night’s sleep essential, then, to good health? Absolutely. A Therapedic premium quality sleep set is designed and engineered to provide you with the kind of proper support and comfort your body needs for deep, restful sleep. And, it will do so for years and years.

Purchasing a Therapedic mattress is an investment in your overall wellness that costs you just pennies per night. It’s What’s Inside That Counts When you look for a new sleep set, remember this, it’s what you don’t see that counts, such as the design and quality of the inside components. It’s these components that distinguish a good mattress from a ‘not so good’ mattress.

“On sale” mattresses may look like bargains, but your savings will be little comfort when your mattress begins to quickly show its age.

 Purchasing a premium mattress, such as one from Therapedic, will help you sleep better at night for two reasons: one, you’ll be getting the comfort and support your body needs, and two, you’ll have made a very wise investment in a product that will last for many, many years.

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