Latex Mattresses:10 factors that could influence your decision to purchase.

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Let’s start with #1 Comfort: Latex mattresses are renowned for their outstanding comfort and support, which fit your body’s curves. Sturdiness: Latex mattresses are comprised of sturdy materials, which extends their lifespan and lowers their overall cost. Hypoallergenic, allergy free, and naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and germs, latex mattresses are the best choice for […]

Mattresses: Organic vs Memory Foam

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Sleepworks Blog Both memory foam and organic mattresses have advantages and disadvantages that are exclusive to them. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to compare the two: Natural or Organic Mattresses Pros: Natural components: Natural and frequently sustainably obtained components, such as organic cotton, wool, and latex, are used to make organic mattresses. These materials might be less harmful […]

Toxic Chemicals in Your Mattress—What’s The Issue

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Naturepedic Organic Mattresses at Sleepworks  Board-certified environmental engineer, Barry Cik, founded Naturepedic to prevent the public from being exposed to harmful chemicals while they sleep. The public is exposed to 85,000 chemicals in their everyday life—which less than 1% of have been tested for safety. I learned something many years ago and I’ll share […]

Naturepedic Halcyon Luxury Organic Mattresses 

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And why buying one is a good decision! Sleepworks feels that the Naturepedic Halcyon mattresses fit a need for those seeking “Luxury” with organic or natural ingredients and selection to fit the upper quality. Our opinion is these mattresses fit that need. The Luxury Naturepedic Halcyon Organic Mattress has 3 mattresses in their collection, All have […]

Can I Be Allergic to Latex Mattresses?

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What You Should Know About Latex Mattresses The answer is… Latex Mattress and Latex allergies are misrepresented and are typically related to “Non-Processed” or “UnWashed” latex rubber. Examples are Latex gloves, catheters, and latex that has not been washed or had the proteins removed prior to construction of the latex mattresses. There are also rogue […]

memory foam talalay lates

What’s the Difference Between Talalay Latex and Memory Foam?

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Both Talalay latex and Memory Foam with memory Foam more well known due to its relative marketed as the premium mattress materials, but they are very different. Talalay latex is a rubber. Memory Foam is a foam, which doesn’t provide both support and pressure relief. Talalay latex rubber is a natural material derived from the rubber […]