Raven Adjustable Bed Base by Leggett & Platt

Raven Adjustable Bed Base at Sleepworks is a high-performance base that easily lifts up to 850 lbs. total maximum weight, including the mattress.  Those on a budget will find the Raven adjustable base above and beyond those found at similar prices. Made in the USA and covers up to 25 years warranty

Experience convenient comfort at the touch of a button with the Raven adjustable bed base. Raise or lower the head and foot to find your perfect way to relax. Then, when you're ready to sleep, use the “Flat” button to return the base to the flat position quickly and easily. The remote control not only lights up for easy use in the dark, but also can be used as a flashlight to find your way at night. This model is now available in a folding single king for easy delivery.

Detailed Description

1”-Profile Foundation-Style Base – The low-profile design easily fits inside
the frame of your bed.

Head and Foot Articulation or Simultaneous Movement – Effortlessly raise
the head, foot, or both simultaneously to find your perfect relaxation position.

850-lb. Lift Capacity – This high-performance base easily lifts up to 850 lbs.
total maximum weight, including mattress.

Back-Lit Wireless Remote – The technologically advanced wireless remote
allows you to effortlessly raise the head and foot with the touch of a button
and lights up for easy use in the dark.

One-Touch Flat Button – Easily return the bed to a flat position with the
touch of a button.

Flashlight – Find your way in the dark with a convenient flashlight on the
remote control.

MicroHook™ – Our exclusive MicroHook™ retention system eliminates the
need for a mattress retainer bar at the foot of your bed, providing a sleeker,
more modern look.

Sync Cable – Included with split sizes, the sync cable allows bases to raise
and lower simultaneously.
Available in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen, and Split California King.

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