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Hypnos mattresses are hand made with the finest ingredients available, The Alexandra Plush features The Q spring zoned pocketed coils and provide the prefect support and the inner layers of cotton, wool, latex and horsehair are the perfect combination to provide years of unsurpassed Luxury- naturally. This is without a doubt a luxurious mattress.
The Hypnos Alexandra Firm is a handmade British Bed design for those looking for hand made luxury and comfort with the finest natural ingredients available. Each Hypnos mattress is individually made to order just for you.


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Advanced Quantum Comfort Coil
The Quantum coil design introduces a new level of bedding comfort by utilizing more “working wire” and an unprecedented coil count. The fabric encased working wire flexes, responds and supports all body types, weights and shapes.  By taking advantage of fine wire’s unique qualities, the process achieves an unprecedented level of comfort and support.

New Zealand Natural Wool
100% natural New Zealand provides temperature and moisture management properties as well as provides mini spring capabilities through its elasticity , staple and crimp capabilities.

Horse Hair
Exquisite horse hair is a long, large diameter fiber which is heat crimped to create an additional benefit in terms of creating a natural spring like recovery. It is very resilient by nature and provides an excellent base of the fiber build up.

Natural Latex
Resilient natural latex create a plush feel, conforming instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape.  It distributes weight evenly, reducing the pressure points that cause tossing and turning

Microcoil Comfort Layer
The European mini coil design instantly conforms to your body, providing ultimate comfort to the areas you need it most. The 1000 points of contact reduce body impressions while maintaining maximum support

Hand Side Stitching
Two rows of hand side stitching on you mattress will help support the sides of the mattress and prevent sagging, meaning that you can utilize the entire sleeping surface of the mattress.


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