Euro Coil Futon Mattress by Gold Bond

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Inside every Sleepworks Euro CoilWrap Futon Mattress you’ll find Gold Bond’s custom-blended “JOY” cotton batting – the densest most durable in the world – using nothing but the purest 50% long-staple cotton picker and 50% cotton linter available. We’ve been blending it ourselves for over a hundred years

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Our futons have 25% more lace tufts than the competition. Tufts are tied inside the mattress to resist wear. EuroCoil As each spring is formed, barrel-shaped for maximum tension, it is heat-tempured to 600 degrees. This process causes the coil to “remember” its shape and will per – form, as designed, long after standard coils have lost their bounce. Each precompressed coil is encased within a premium quality, non-woven fabric pocket and secured to a durable, yet pliable stabilizer panel. This creates a tightly-locked unit where each spring words straight up and down, conforming toe each sleepers body eliminating “roll together.”

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