2′ Talalay latex topper by Pure Latex Bliss

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Sleepworks Two Inch CustomFit Removable Talalay Latex Topper by Pure Latex Bliss Upgrade and customize the feel of any mattress to make it uniquely yours! With two inches of plush Talalay latex you can add a relaxing, tension relieving layer to any bed. To help you select the perfect feel, we rate every pure latex BLISS mattress on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 is extra firm and 10 is indulgently plush! No matter what you prefer, you’ll still get the amazing tension relief and muscles relaxation that only Talalay latex can deliver.

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Care Information Our NATURAL and ALL NATURAL COLLECTIONS have removeable washable zippered covers. Our Latex HYBRID Collection does not have removable or washable zippered covers. You should always sleep on a clean sleep surface. It’s the healthy thing to do. Of course, you should use a mattress protector. Waterproof mattress protectors are best. A zippered cover adds another level of protection in cleanliness. Below are a few hints on how to clean your mattress cover. When you purchase our NATURAL or ALL NATURAL COLLECTIONS ,Wash only the top part (the fabric you sleep on) of the mattress cover. It is likely only the top part that needs to be laundered, and the cover will clean better if it is the only thing in the load. Additionally, do not remove the fire retardant layer that is attached to the latex rubber. Wash in warm or cold water using regular detergent. Be careful not to use harsh stain removers or bleach. Regular laundry detergent will remove most stains if treated according to stain type (proteins, etc). Although air-drying the cover is ideal, you can also use your dryer at its lowest heat setting. Try not to over dry the cover.

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