Sleep to Live Kristen PT

Feel the Sleeping Beauty Advantage Pillow Top Mattress. This innerspring mattress has a pillow top with memory foam and micro-gel beads for comfort.

Sleep cooler and more comfortably than with other memory foam products. 
Sleeping Beauty Advantage beds feature gel infused memory foam toppers–the perfect combination of responsive memory foam and micro-gel beads.
The softness of the gel provides superior pressure distribution, allowing the body to gently float into the surface of the pad and rest at its own level of need.  This top layer delivers 10% more support than other memory foam toppers, and also features pinholes for enhanced vertical ventilation.

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Detailed Description
The Kristen features two additional layers of visco memory foam for added comfort. Each comfort layer is vertically zoned and precisely layered to deliver maximum pressure relief while maintaining proper support. The patented Cushion Cloud Construction process offers the maximum in pressure relief and allows the mattress to properly conform to your body, not force you to conform to it.  Tempered, individually wrapped coils create a more durable sleep surface with less motion disturbance.  The wrapped coil unit is encased in the Full Body Surround Edge Support System, which is a customized assembly of side, bottom, and top support pieces that encompass the mattress core to provide superior edge support and a full side-to-side sleep surface. A memory foam lumbar support layer provides added support and comfort in the lumbar region.
 Main Features
Gel Infused Memory Foam
Full Body Surround Edge Support System
Tempered wrapped coils
Vertical Zoning
Cushion Cloud Construction
Lumbar support
Solid wood foundation using lumber cut from a renewable forest
 Mattress and Foundation Height
Mattress Height: 13.5″
Standard Foundation Height: 8.5″
Low Profile Foundation Height: 5.5″


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